Reading to Babies & Toddlers

Reading to Babies & Toddlers

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Storyteller : Rohini vij

What should I read to my baby? When should I start reading to her? What will my baby understand, right now - he can't even read? 

Rohini Vij, Founder of NutSpace Edtech address some of these issues in this recorded webinar.

If you are a parent to be, a new parent, parent of a toddler, grandparent, early years educator then this is the webinar for you. 

We have also collaborated with Bookistaan the children's bookstore so you may order age-appropriate curated books to get started on your reading journey with your baby. 

Feel free to email us your questions and we will answer them for you. We'll soon be integrating a commenting and messaging system to increase the interaction.

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How to Explore Books with Your Child?4 min


Book Recommendations 76 min


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